I came to Sydney in January 2017 for a postdoc in quantum information theory. During my first few days here I stayed in Camperdown, where I was immediately exposed to the incredible richness of this city's street art scene. Encountering more and more amazing works around every corner, I felt that these fragile and temporary artworks should somehow be preserved and catalogued, so I decided to start this project. All through 2017 and 2018 street art hunting was my way to explore this extraordinary city: every couple of weeks or so I went on a long walk to a new suburb and, armed with my mobile, looked for new pieces.

Present & Future

As I have left Australia in May 2019, I can no longer directly work on expanding the local graffiti database. However, the project is now fully automated, so with a little bit of support from Sydneysiders, it can still keep growing. Simply send me the geotagged pictures of street art you found and I will upload it to the website within a couple of days. Additionally, I would also like to collect information on the artists responsible for the works presented here, and use the website as a platform to promote them. Finally, I am planning to run a larger platform that would aggregate geotagged photos of great graffiti all around the world. If you are interested in joining the project and helping me in any way then please contact me.

Big thank you for all help & support to: Zu, Krystian and Angela.